duminică, 22 ianuarie 2017

Giveaway: HDR projects 3 Pro

HDR projects 3 Pro
Originally launched in 2012, HDR projects has taken HDR photography to a whole new level. Smart Colorspace Adaptation (SCA), a unique and entirely new development of the projects line, determines an individual, intelligent colour space for every calculated step. This capability enables elementary enhancement of the primary colours’ vividness, with finer and more distinct colour gradation.
  • New: More professional pro-league RAW converter for all RAW formats;
  • New: Now 81 presets for faster professional results;
  • New: Now with 10 tone mapping calculation algorithms for the most creative freedom possible;
  • New: Now with 72 high-end filters for creative looks and print-ready images.

HDR and photo editing software: http://www.hdrlabs.com/tools/links.html
HDR tutorials: http://www.hdrlabs.com/tutorials/index.html

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