joi, 30 ianuarie 2014

Lightworks 11.5 - heavy duty video editing

Lightworks 11.5 is now available to download on Windows and Linux (.deb and .rpm)

This latest release has some incredible new features including:

  • Support for AJA I/O devices (Kona and Io XT) (Windows, Pro version only)
  • Import, Render and Export as background tasks
  • YouTube export option including direct upload
  • AC3 audio decode support removing the need for third party decoders
  • Fully customisable user interface
  • Smarter menus with fast access Export and FX favourites
  • Powerful new Multicam improvements
  • Playback controls added to source and edit viewers
  • And many more! The full list can be found here

marți, 28 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro
AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. It allows you to resize partition without reboot, extend partition, especially for system drive, to solve low disk space problem and manage disk space easily and safely.
The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with enhanced data protection including: Partition Manager, Disk and Partition Copy, Extend Partition Wizard, Migrate OS to SSD or HDD, Partition Recovery Wizard, NTFS to FAT32 Converter, etc.
In the latest version of 5.5, AOMEI Partition Assistant adds many new functions, such as Windows To Go Creator to install Windows 8 to removable flash drive, Create Windows PE bootable media without having to install AIK/WAIK, Convert system disk between MBR and GPT styles, etc.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

Download link available for today:

luni, 27 ianuarie 2014

PhotoKey 6 Lite - greenscreen software free download

FXHOME is giving everyone the opportunity to try greenscreen photography and create amazing images quickly and easily by giving away PhotoKey 6 Lite for free (usually worth $50). 

Key features:

  • Instant keying
  • Adaptive color
  • Green screen and blue screen
  • Color difference key and Chroma key
  • Matte cleaning
  • Spill suppression and replacement
  • Masks, layers and overlays 
  • Color correction, vignette, tinting, hue shift
  • Defocus
  • Export as JPG, PNG, TIFF
Free download link available until 4 February 2014:

Download HitFilm 2 Express for free - video editing, compositing and effects package

FXhome is making HitFilm 2 Express (Windows and Mac), its powerful editing, compositing and effects package, available for free. You need to sign up for its newsletters and spread word of the offer on social media.
The software, which usually costs $149, includes features more commonly found in more expensive tools, including 3D compositing, 2D tracking, image stabilisation and basic particle effects.

HitFilm 2 Ultimate (upgrade for $201.75) offers support for: 4K footage, 3D tracking, 3D particle simulation, and more advanced colour correction tools.

Download link available until 4 February 2014:

Video editing in HitFilm:

How do the HitFilm products compare?

HitFilm Standard HitFilm 2 Express HitFilm 2 Ultimate
Full price - - $299
Upgrade price - - from $126.75
Editing tools Basic Advanced Advanced
Keying & extraction Basic Basic Advanced
True 3D compositing yes yes yes
2D track & stabilize
yes yes
Work with real 3D objects

Advanced 3D particle simulation

3D camera tracking with mocha HitFilm

Lights, shadows, motion blur and depth of field yes yes yes
Grunge effects
Flicker, Grain, Jitter, Noise, Stutter
Flicker, Grain, Jitter, Noise, Shake, Stutter
Film damage, Flicker, Grain, Half tone, Half tone color, Jitter, Lens dirt, Noise, Scan lines, Shake, Stutter, TV damage
Particle & simulation effects
Blood spray, Gunfire, Lightning & Electricty
Atomic particles, Blood spray, Fire, Gunfire, Lightning & Electricity, Particle simulator, Shatter
Number of effects 91 103 158
Temporal effects and optical flow motion blur
yes yes
Color correction Basic Basic Advanced
No plug-ins required yes yes yes
Integrated YouTube export yes yes yes
GPU accelerated yes yes yes
Resolution support HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p & 4K
Number of concurrent installations 1 1 3
Helpful support & free training videos yes yes yes
1 year of support from purchase yes yes yes

sâmbătă, 25 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Tipard Blu-ray Player

Tipard Blu-ray Player
Tipard Blu-ray Player not only can be used as Blu-ray player software for playing Blu-ray Disc (an internal or external Blu-ray Drive is needed), folder and iSO files, but also serves as any video player to play any video/audio files.
As Blu-ray Player, it has up to date kernel which can play any Blu-ray files in the three modes (disc, folder, iso files), even the latest-released Blu-ray movies. Besides, users are allowed to select any title or chapter or position it to next title/chapter or previous title/chapter to quickly forward or backward. As one video player, it can play 150+ video/audio formats, such as TS, MTS, M2TS, MXF, TRP, TP, MP4, MXF, MTS, MKV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc. The high-definition videos have one perfect display on this Blu-ray Player software.

Download link available for today:

vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Aimersoft Video Editor

Aimersoft Video Editor
Aimersoft Video Editor is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editing program that lets you compile any movie or video projects from videos, audio files and photos in just a few clicks. With it, you can create professional-looking movies with stylish video effects, scene transitions, background music and more to amaze the audience.

Key features:

  • Create stunning movies from video/audio/image files with simple clicks;
  • Personalize media files with rich features like crop, rotate, merge, split etc.;
  • Optimize videos with eye-catching special effects, filters, text, transitions and more;
  • Share your video creation anywhere you like with multiple broadcast channels.
Download link available for today:

Free Alternatives:
  • Lightworks - advanced video editor (free limited edition) | OS - Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Kdenlive - video editor | OS - Linux, MacOS

miercuri, 22 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Glary Utilities PRO 4.4

Glary Utilities PRO
Glary Utilities PRO is a powerful and top all-in-one utility to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. It optimizes the performance of your computer, solves problems, protect your privacy and helps you to customize your system to suit your needs.

Key features:

  • Boosts PC speed and fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes;
  • Features one-click functionality and easy, automated options;
  • Over 20 tools to maximize your Computer’s performance.
Note: the software includes one year subscription.

Download link available for today:
GlaryUtilities - Fix, speed up, maintain, and protect your PC - video from

Free Alternatives (limited editions):

marți, 21 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - PhotoStitcher 1.5 (for Win and Mac)

With PhotoStitcher you can stitch multiple photos into a picturesque panoramic image. The program smoothly combines photos of different resolutions, different shooting angles and even different perspectives into one perfectly aligned panorama depicting breath-taking landscapes, monumental churches or skyscraping mountains that are so hard to fit into one frame.
Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input. This is a solution to stitch any panorama completely automatically, whether 1D (horizontal OR vertical) or 2D (horizontal AND vertical).

Download link available for today:

Free Alternatives: 

marți, 14 ianuarie 2014

Smart Defrag 3 free

Smart Defrag 3
Disk fragmentation is generally main cause of slow and unstable computer performance. Smart Defrag 3 (IObit) helps defragment your hard drive more efficiently and optimize your disk performance. Smart Defrag 3 is a FREE, light, and stable disk defragment tool that provides efficient defragmentation to hard drives for faster file loading and outstanding disk performance. It can work automatically in the background on your PC, keeping hard disk running at its top speed. Smart Defrag 3 now fully supports defragmentation on Windows 8/8.1 Metro Apps which accelerates the access to Metro Apps and allows for smooth performance on Windows 8/8.1.

What's new in this version: Version
  • Brand-new disk defrag engine ensures powerful disk optimization ability and 100% secure defragmentation
  • New delighting metro style UI with new defragmenting map and improved function to enlarge and narrow interface
  • Fully supported defragmentation of Windows 8/8.1 Metro Apps for faster accessing of Metro APPs and smoother running experience
  • New Defrag and Prioritize files to accelerate data accessing by intelligently prioritizing drive data and centralizing the storage of frequently used files for ultimate speedup
  • Enhanced the stability of Boot Time Defrag
  • Reduced Smart Defrag's usage of memory and system resources.
  • Improved and accelerated Defrag and Fast Optimize
  • Enhanced logs to save logs automatically for defragging and analyzing
  • Fixed bugs

Download link for Smart Defrag 3:
Download link for Advanced SystemCare:

Giveaway - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 5.0.2

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
The latest version of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe works as all-in-one video converter, YouTube downloader, video editor and slideshow maker. With brand-new kernel, it enables you to convert any videos with 32x faster real time converting speed and highest possible quality.
The built-in 280 preset profiles make playing any videos on Apple, Android and Microsoft phones/tablets as easy as 1-2-3.

Key features:

  • Supports multi-track HD videos available in BDAV, M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, HDTV, MPEG-TS and standard videos AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM, Google TV;
  • Converts videos to iPhone (5S/5C), iPad (New iPad Mini/iPad Air), Google New Nexus 7, iPod, HTC One, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, Note 10.1, Surface Pro 2, WP8, Kindle Fire, PSP;
  • Supports built-in Blu-ray/MKV subtitle tracks;
  • Also supports downloading external SRT subtitle files from internet and burning it to videos;
  • Allows to Merge, Trim and Crop videos;
  • Download videos and MV from YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc. Convert the downloaded video to any other format immediately;
  • Create slideshow from JPG/PNG/BMP images and customize with background music.
Download link available for today:

Free alternatives:

RawTherapee 4.0.12 free photo manager and editor

RawTherapee 4.0.12 is out!

RawTherapee is a cross-platform raw image processing program - photo manager and editor.
There are many new tools to discover and a whole bunch of speed improvements and bug fixes. There are also changes for builders and package maintainers, so be sure to read the article!
Get the builds from the Downloads section or using your operating system's package manager.
Read below to find out more about what's new.

New features

  • Graduated Filter
  • Post-crop Vignette Filter
  • Powerful Black-and-White tool
  • New curves:
    • Luminance according to hue (LH)
    • Chromaticity according to hue (CH) 
    • Hue according to hue (HH)
    • Chromaticity according to luminance (CL)
  • Contrast by Detail Levels tool (wavelet decompose) now has 5 levels
  • Auto Levels improved
  • Image dimensions added to (i) info
  • White Balance slider non-linear for easier control of low and high values
  • Noise Reduction tool allows targetting of specific colors (e.g. remove yellow blotches)
  • Pre-demosaic automatic removal of chromatic aberration improved
  • New output queue template variables %s(0-9)
  • New File Browser shortcuts, revision of existing shortcuts (refer to RawPedia)
  • New Custom Profile Builder parameters
  • Bundled and user profiles in separate submenus
  • camconst.json for immediate addition or correction of raw file format support
    • White and black levels
    • Color matrix
    • Crop coordinates
  • dcraw 9.19
  • The main histogram now shows color levels using the Output Profile
  • Enhanced lens info and filter possibilities for manual Nikon lenses
  • Added support for
    • Kodak DCS 760 and 760s
    • Various medium-format backs
  • New DCP profiles for
    • Canon PowerShot S110
    • Fujifilm FinePix S9500
    • Pentax K-5
    • Pentax K-5 II
    • Pentax K-r
  • Support for Capture One ICC profiles
  • All Bundled Processing Profiles (PP3) revised
- Download link -

luni, 13 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Project Dogwaffle Howler 8.2

Project Dogwaffle Howler
A paint program like no other. Project Dogwaffle Howler lets you paint with a large number of natural media styles as well as unique medias like particle foliage, animated brushes and more. Tablet devices are fully supported.
There are advanced painting modes such as symmetry painting. There are a large number of filters that operate in real-time and full-screen. Also provided are video and animation tools such as a timeline, keyframer, batch scanning, cleanup, exposure sheet, rotoscoping, and motion tracking.

Download link available for today:

Free alternatives:

sâmbătă, 11 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Driver Magician 4.0 backup software

Driver Magician
Driver Magician offers a professional solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the “saved” drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.
What’s more, Driver Magician has a built in database of the latest drivers with the ability to go to the Internet to receive the driver updates. It saves lots of time to find the correct drivers and mature drivers will obviously increase the performance of hardware. If there are unknown devices in your PC, Driver Magician helps you detect them easily and quickly with its built in hardware identifier database.

Download link available for today:

Free alternatives:

joi, 9 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Inpaint 5.6

Inpaint will magically remove elements from your photos! With few simple gestures you will get clear, spectacular pictures, just like you intended them to be. Inpaint’s Magic Wand tool allows you to select unwanted objects or persons on a photo in literally seconds, so all you have to do then is to let Inpaint do the rest.
With merely three simple steps you can make power lines, tourists, buildings, background wreckage and other elements vanish as if they never were there. Inpaint also allows you to quickly improve your skin on photos and conceal everything you don’t want to show. Just apply the Marker tool or the Magic Want tool to every problem zone and instantly see the difference!

Download link available for today:

Free Alternatives:

miercuri, 8 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Zoner Photo Studio 15 PRO

Zoner Photo Studio
Zoner Photo Studio has everything you need to download, edit, manage, save and share photos. More than just a photo editor, it’s an A to Z suite of tools that streamlines your photography workflow.

Key Features:

  • immediately discovers photos, makes back-ups and sorts everything into folders;
  • lets you easily name files, add descriptions and keywords using industry-standard EXIF data;
  • easily edit and retouch: Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, Red Eye Removel, Sharpen tools are right at hand on the Quick Edits bar;
  • many popular filters and cool effects to try;
  • built-in upload and share functionality that helps you post directly to Facebook, Flickr and Picasa;
  • free Zonerama web gallery: unlimited space, full-size photos

Download link available for today:

Free Alternatives:

marți, 7 ianuarie 2014

Giveaway - Sketch Drawer Pro 1.3

Sketch Drawer
Sketch Drawer is intended for converting photographs to pencil sketches. This program enables users to turn usual photographs into exquisite pencil-drawn pictures, both black-and-white and colored. While creating a pencil sketch, you can choose your most preferred settings and options. There are two ways you can edit photographs with SoftOrbits: manually and by aid of ready-made presets. These presets can be used as guides by beginners.
Download link available for today:

Free Alternative: FotoSketcher
  • more than 20 effects
  • no artistic skill needed
  • over 5 million downloads
  • available in 21 different languages