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Inkscape 0.91 released - open source vector graphics software

Inkscape 0.91 released - open source vector graphics software
Inkscape is a graphic design software - vector drawing and editing. It is free (open source) and is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
Inkscape is cross-platform and has versions that run on Windows,  Linux and OS X.
With the new release Inkscape 0.91 rendering and filters have become significantly faster.

Release highlights
  • Cairo rendering for display and PNG export;
  • OpenMP multithreading for all filters;
  • C++ code conversion;
  • Major improvements in the Text tool;
  • Measure tool;
  • Type design feature;
  • Symbol library and support for Visio stencils;
  • Cross platform WMF and EMF import and export;
  • Improved support for Corel DRAW documents, Visio importer;
  • Support for real world document and page size units, e.g. millimeters;
  • Numerous usability improvements;
  • Native Windows 64-bit build;
  • more release details and download links  

Known issue - easy fix :)
• On MS Windows when the desktop colordepth is set to 16-bit, Inkscape is unusable because of exploding memory usage. Please set the colordepth to 32-bit.

10 most exciting features in Inkscape 0.91 

Tileable Patterns in Inkscape

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