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Raspberry Pi 2 with faster processor and more memory

Raspberry Pi 2 with faster processor and more memory
The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit small-sized single-board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
A new budget-priced Raspberry Pi computer has been unveiled, offering a faster processor (900MHz quad-core) and more memory (1 gigabyte of RAM)  at about the same price . Previous versions of the kit have been widely adopted by schools and enthusiasts across the world.
Lately Pi faces increased competition.
Another UK-based firm, Imagination, recently released a bare-bones computer of its own, and the Arduino, Intel Galileo, Gizmo 2, BeagleBone Black and Hummingboard also form part of a growing list of rivals.
The Raspberry Pi 2 makes two major changes to the previous version, while leaving other components unchanged:
  • The CPU is now quad-core rather than single-core. That means it can be programmed to use more of its cores to offer extra computing power, or made to use fewer to help save power consumption - useful if running as part of a battery-powered contraption. In addition, the Cortex A7 processor now runs at 900MHz rather than 700MHz
  • The board now features one gigabyte of RAM memory, double the amount that was previously included
As before, owners will need to add their own keyboard, a MicroSD card containing a copy of an operating system, and television/monitor-connecting cables in order to start programming. Enclosures bought for the previous Model B+ computers will also fit the new one.
It can be used as a PC for surfing the web, watching videos, playing games and of course programming.
The Raspberry Pi 2 can run a variety of Linux-based systems out-of-the-box, but its makers have also promised it will be able to support Microsoft's next operating system (Windows10) at a later date at no extra cost. video introduction to Raspberry Pi 2:
Raspberry Pi 2

More details and Raspberry Pi projects:

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