luni, 9 martie 2015

FotoSketcher 3 - turns digital photos into art automatically

FotoSketcher - brushstroke effect
FotoSketcher 3.00 has been released.
FotoSketcher is a free program for Windows which converts your digital photos into art automatically and in just a few mouse clicks.

You can download the official version here:

New features in version 3.00:
  • New Painting 10 (brushstrokes) effect
  • New "invert colors" function (in the Edit menu or CTRL+I shortcut)
  • Integration of the "invert colors" function in the script mode (F5)
  • Improved Painting 4 responsiveness
  • Cosmetic changes to the user interface (especially when the program is maximized)
  • New keyboard shortcuts (left, right and up keys) to move the divider between the left and right panes. Works when the main window is focused, even if an effect is running.
FotoSketcher effects examples:

FotoSketcher video tutorial:

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