luni, 14 decembrie 2015

Giveaway: Color Projects Pro 1.14 Win&Mac

Color Projects Pro 1.14
COLOR Projects professional offers unique and new possibilities to transform digital colour photographs into amazing works of art with intelligent tools, efficient and crystal clear workflow. With the film emulation you can intensify portrait images and simulate a classic film look. Turn your photographs into real eye-catchers – no matter what type of subject you choose.
In COLOR projects professional – your digital
Color Projects Pro 1.14
photo laboratory – you are the director and you can create unique and delightful works of art from the images taken with your camera.
Select “Golden Sun” as an example of the various portrait presets and adapt the settings in the colour balance. You can also easily create new presets from the expert filters.
Light Your Emotion – colour retouching at its best: Soft nuances in the colour and tonal values and in dark or bright areas, guarantee highquality results even for difficult subjects and lighting conditions.

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