joi, 21 ianuarie 2016

Giveaway: WPS Office 10 Business

WPS Office 10 Business is a leading productivity office suite including Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. It has the best compatibility with Microsoft Office and enables you to create high-quality documents effortlessly.

Highlights of WPS Office 10 Business:

  • Make documents smaller, more secure and easier to share;
  • Built-in spell check in WPS Office helps you keep your documents free of spelling errors;
  • Ready-made templates for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets. You are free to download and use these professional templates to make your work easier;
  • Text editing with all the formatting tools: font styles and colors, columns and tables, paragraph formatting and much more;
  • Formatting tools to create amazing presentations: font styles and colors, shapes, columns, tables and much more;
  • Spreadsheets includes hundreds of commonly used formulas and functions organized by dozens of categories, making it easy to analyze complex data.
WPS Office 10 Business
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