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Giveaway Heimdal Pro 2 keeps you safe malware

Heimdal Pro 2 keeps you safe malware
Heimdal PRO is a cyber security suite developed to protect against ransomware, financial malware, and other advanced threats that antivirus can’t block. With its powerful traffic filtering engine, its advanced malware engine and its automatic and silent software updating engine, Heimdal PRO keeps users safe from the latest cyber threats.
The difference between Heimdal PRO and antivirus products:
Heimdal looks at internet traffic, whereas antivirus looks at local files, which is why Heimdal PRO makes the perfect addition to any antivirus product, and is compatible with all antivirus solutions. Backed by a strong intelligence database, which is constantly updated with information about the newest threats, Heimdal PRO provides the proactive security layer that is necessary to fight the most sophisticated cyber threats and attacks.
Keep your data safe from cybercriminals, conduct financial transactions with peace of mind and keep your system up-to-date with Heimdal PRO!
Please note: The software includes a 6-months license.

Download link available today

Free alternative: Malwarebytes antimalware
MalwareBytes review****:

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