joi, 4 august 2016

Giveaway: HitFilm 4 Express + Sci-fi adventure pack for Windows & Mac

HitFilm 4 Express
HitFilm 4 Express is the software to include all-in-one editing and professional visual effects backed up with a vast range of tutorials and unparalleled support. No other free product has multi-track video editing, advanced 2D and 3D compositing and over 100 effects.

There is also Sci-fi adventure pack included: The force will be with you, always - as long as you’ve got this pack! Includes semi-automated lightswords, 3D laser blasts and 100% authentic opening title crawl. Usually $24.99 - you get it for FREE today!

Download link available today (Windows):

Download link for Mac version: HitFilm4-Express-Scifi-Adventure-Pack-Mac

HitFilm review:

Introduction to HitFilm - How to make Iron Man HUD effects - part 1

Free alternatives (video editors):
Free alternatives  for video converters and simple cuts:

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