luni, 4 noiembrie 2013

GIMP 2.8.8 Released

GIMP 2.8.8 (Photoshop alternative | Windows, OS X, Linux) is a release in the stable 2.8 series, featuring lots of bug fixes and translation updates.

- Make sure indexed images always have a colormap
- Fix language selection via preferences on Windows
- Don’t crash on setting a large text size  
- Keep the same image active when switching between MWM and SWM
- Make sure all dockables are properly resizable (particularly shrinkable)
- Add links to jump directly to Save/Export from the Export/Save file extension warning dialogs  
- Fix GimpPickButton on OSX  
- Properly document plug-in-autocrop-layer’s PDB interface
- Fix importing of indexed BMPs  
- Fix lots of places to use GIO to get proper file sizes and times on windows
- Add an AppData file for GIMP
- Backport lcms2 support from master, because lcms1 is not getting bug fixes any longer
- Lots of bug fixes
- Lots of translation updates

More details about Gimp 2.8

Gimp download link

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