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Gimp in 2013 and future projects

2014 it is about completing the port of GIMP to GEGL, the new hi-end image processing engine. It’s a prerequisite for advanced features such as non-destructive editing, layer filters, advanced CMYK support, and more.
Please refer to the wiki ( for an overview of the progress.

Google Summer of Code 2013 program:
  • Carlos Zubieta added an OpenCL version for over a dozen of GEGL operations, so that more processing could be done on a GPU.
  • Simon Lui ported the PSD plug-in to use GEGL. GIMP is now capable of loading 16bit and 32bit per color channel PSD files, and more PSD-specific features will be easily plugged in once a GIMP counterpart is available (such as layer effects).
  • Marek Dvorožňák implemented a new N-Point deformation tool that makes it possible to deform objects while preserve shapes consistency. You can watch a video demonstration of the tool on YouTube.
  • Ajay Ramanathan attempted to merge selection tools into a single tool selection with modes (rectangular, ellipse, single row/column, N-side polygon selection modes).

More details at:
Gimp roadmap (future projects):

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