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Download HitFilm 2 Express for free - video editing, compositing and effects package

FXhome is making HitFilm 2 Express (Windows and Mac), its powerful editing, compositing and effects package, available for free. You need to sign up for its newsletters and spread word of the offer on social media.
The software, which usually costs $149, includes features more commonly found in more expensive tools, including 3D compositing, 2D tracking, image stabilisation and basic particle effects.

HitFilm 2 Ultimate (upgrade for $201.75) offers support for: 4K footage, 3D tracking, 3D particle simulation, and more advanced colour correction tools.

Download link available until 4 February 2014:

Video editing in HitFilm:

How do the HitFilm products compare?

HitFilm Standard HitFilm 2 Express HitFilm 2 Ultimate
Full price - - $299
Upgrade price - - from $126.75
Editing tools Basic Advanced Advanced
Keying & extraction Basic Basic Advanced
True 3D compositing yes yes yes
2D track & stabilize
yes yes
Work with real 3D objects

Advanced 3D particle simulation

3D camera tracking with mocha HitFilm

Lights, shadows, motion blur and depth of field yes yes yes
Grunge effects
Flicker, Grain, Jitter, Noise, Stutter
Flicker, Grain, Jitter, Noise, Shake, Stutter
Film damage, Flicker, Grain, Half tone, Half tone color, Jitter, Lens dirt, Noise, Scan lines, Shake, Stutter, TV damage
Particle & simulation effects
Blood spray, Gunfire, Lightning & Electricty
Atomic particles, Blood spray, Fire, Gunfire, Lightning & Electricity, Particle simulator, Shatter
Number of effects 91 103 158
Temporal effects and optical flow motion blur
yes yes
Color correction Basic Basic Advanced
No plug-ins required yes yes yes
Integrated YouTube export yes yes yes
GPU accelerated yes yes yes
Resolution support HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p & 4K
Number of concurrent installations 1 1 3
Helpful support & free training videos yes yes yes
1 year of support from purchase yes yes yes

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