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Giveaway - PT Photo Editor

PT Photo Editor
PT Photo Editor is an efficient application designed to edit photos like a professional in an easier and faster way. You can easily correct color cast and exposure problem, remove imperfections, do quick selective editing and much more.

Main functions:

  • Easy to use editing tools such as blemish removal, red-eye correction, clone and heal tool;
  • Pro-quality adjustments: white balance, exposure, contrast, clarity, auto-levels, hsl, noise reduction and more;
  • Easy and smart selective editing way;
  • Full-time 16-bit processing and full color managed;
  • Lightweight.

Download link available for today: 
Free alternatives:  - detailed article - Gimp, Paint.Net, Zoner Free, RawTherapie and many more.


More details - PT Photo Editor features

One-Click Color Correction

With just a click, White Balance tool can help you remove color casts, restore a real photographic scene.
White-Balance Correction
White-Balance Correction

Solve Exposure Problem

Several brightness adjustment tools that allow you to cope with common photo exposure problems easily.


Help you easily identify overexposed or underexposed areas in your photos and make appropriate tonal range corrections.
Adjust Image Levels
Adjust Image Levels


Improve color tones in a photo by adjusting highlights, midtones, and shadows in each color channel.
Adjust Image Curves

Pro-Quality Color Enhancement

Bring out the colors in your shots with flexible color adjustment tools. Improve sky, flower and even skin tone with just one click, making them look their best.
Color Enhancement
Color Enhancement 2

Efficient Photo Editing Tools

Easy to use editing tools help you crop and straighten pictures quickly, remove blemishes, correct red eyes, and erase unwanted objects, get rid of the nasty imperfections.


Use cropping to improve a photo's composition.


Correct skewed perspective in any crooked photo.
Photo Crop
Photo Straighten

Remove Blemish

Use Blemish Removal Tool to quickly fix point-like stains, blemishes and acnes.

Correct Red Eyes

Remove red eye effect from image without ruining eye detail.
Remove Blemish
Correct Red Eyes

Clone Tool

Easy and flexible image fixing tool, help you remove skin imperfections and other unwanted distractions in an image.

Liquify Tools

Twist, bulge, squeeze, or add artistic details with the new Forward Warp, Push Left, Bloat, Pucker, Twirl Liquify tools.
Photo Crop
Photo Straighten

Detail Improvement

Use Sharpening and Noise Reduction Tools to make sure your photo is perfect in every detail.


Deliver crisp, sharp images with detail sharpening adjustments.

Noise Reduction

Remove artifacts from shots taken at high ISO or in low light conditions.
Noise Reduction

Creative regional editing

Regional Edit UI Creative regional editing functions bring you more flexible and convenient operation experience, inspire your creativity, create extraordinary images.


Make precise selections by drawing a selection border.

Quick Selection

Automatically make a selection when you click or draw a line in the area you want to select.

Effect Brush

Let you selectively apply adjustments to photos by "painting".
Quick Selection
Effect Brush

Gradient Tool

Help you create a gradient region in the photo, where you can apply effects gradually across the region.
Gradient Effect

Professional High Quality Processing

Full-time 16 Bit Processing: With full-time 16-bit per channel processing architecture, make advanced color adjustments to an image while keeping its color rich and vibrant.
Color Management: PT Photo Editor is fully color managed. So the colors in your image will be displayed correctly no matter what color space you're using in your workflow. And you can convert your edited result to any specified color profile.

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