vineri, 28 noiembrie 2014

PhotoDirector 5 free - photo editing software giveaway for Windows

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editor and manager that gives you complete control over your digital photography workflow with robust tools.

Intuitive interface: PhotoDirector has a similar workflow and interface to Lightroom. Primary adjustment and management tools are in menus aligned to the screen edges. Manual-adjustment sliders give you incremental control over every aspect of your photo file, from standard color-correction, brightness, and noise-removal tools to more perspective-altering adjustments like lens correction.
Filtered management: Get as basic or as granular as you please in organization. You can manage your photo gallery through tags and labels, and you can sort by flags, color, edit status, and stacks.
Performance: Version 5 takes advantage of 64-bit processor-powered machines, which is critical for loading images at higher resolutions, especially when entering Retina and 4K territory.

Download link (version 5 - free download) use code PhD5CNET

PCMAG detailed review (version 5):

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