marți, 12 mai 2015

New Krita Kickstarter campaign - open source digital painting

Krita - open source digital painting

"Krita: free paint app - let's make it faster than Photoshop!" - Kickstarter campaign.

The second Kickstarter campaign for Krita development is doing well (16.000€ and 21 days to go).

Primary goals:
  • Make Krita really fast on big canvases with big brushes
  • Make Krita an awesome 2D animation tool

Kickstarter campaign link and more details:

Krita - brush engine - digital painting
Krita is a free raster graphics editor, designed to be a digital painting application. It has been influenced to some extent by software like Corel Painter. Krita packs with some key features different than most of its kind, including the ability to work with both bitmap and vector illustration.

More details about the previous release (from the first Kickstarter campaign):

Download link for Krita (Windows, Linux, MacOS):

Meet the Krita team (2014): Steven, Stuart, Lukas, Wolthera, Timothee, Boud, Sven, Leinir and Dmitry.

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