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Giveaway: Particle 9 and PD Howler 8.2 Home Edition

Particle 9
Particle 9 is an art program with unique foliage painting tools, along with more traditional natural media. It is a small and light app, and a feature-rich desktop program. It features drawing with art tools like airbrush, bristle brushes, and watercolor, particle based foliage and natural phenomenon, and creation of shapes like curves, boxes and ellipses, that can be filled in a variety of ways. The interface is simple and easy to learn, and all the features are easy to access.
Particle 9 is based on Howler, a media suite all-in-one paint program, with many additional features, such as painting on animations with other animations, creating and animating 3D landscapes, working with visual effects, and much more.

Download link available today for Particle 9:

Project Dogwaffle Howler

A paint program like no other. Project Dogwaffle Howler lets you paint with a large number of natural media styles as well as unique medias like particle foliage, animated brushes and more. Tablet devices are fully supported.
There are advanced painting modes such as symmetry painting. There are a large number of filters that operate in real-time and full-screen. Also provided are video and animation tools such as a timeline, keyframer, batch scanning, cleanup, exposure sheet, rotoscoping, and motion tracking.

Download link for Project Dogwaffle Howler:

Penny Paint

Penny is a Spline based drawing and painting engine, developed by Dan Ritchie, and which was first introduced with Project Dogwaffle version 2.1

Penny Paint is an alternate paint engine expanding Project Dogwaffle's capabilities with Spline smoothing of mouse strokes. It is included for free with most versions of Project Dogwaffle, including PD Artist and PD Howler, and also as a free add-on by download for PD Particles. If you still use the older versions such as PD Pro 3, 4, 5 or similar, there is Penny Paint for that too.

Great for cartoonists who have a fast hand with the mouse or their graphic tablet and who  still want their line art to remain perfectly smooth, i.e. without jagged corners, this paint engine uses Spline interpolation between the sampled mouse/tablet points, so it looks perfectly smooth without line segmentation no matter how fast you draw your lines. It's perfect for artists with a fast hand, or those used to perfectly smooth lines seen in some vector drawing products. Here you can get the same results - with raster based drawing tools. It looks like vector lines, without the hassles of,...well, vector lines.

Note that if you want true vector objects, at least temporarily, you can use the Linear tool in Howler. There you deal with control points through which you define the smooth Spline or Bezier curve. Not here in Penny. With Penny, you immediately draw into the raster image. But it looks perfectly smooth, antialiased and scrisp as could be. Plus, there are some very cool extra options such as transparency, feathering or paper texture controls.

Download link for Penny Paint:

Free alternatives:

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